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Anaheed was one of Buffy Summers' roommates in San Francisco and secretly a Slayer.


Slayer Organization

Thanks to Buffy Summers' plan to defeat the First Evil in 2003, Anaheed was one of the thousands of Potentials to be activated as a Slayer by Willow Rosenberg's spell. Anaheed was soon located and recruited into Buffy's Slayer Organization, where she was a member of Rona's training squad based in Chicago, with Tessa Freer and Simone Doffler; before the latter was transferred into Andrew Wells' squad in Rome for her bad behavior. Her Slayer status was very discreet to the point that the main pillars of her organization (Xander, Willow, Andrew, Dawn and Buffy herself) do not know about her existence.

End of magic

Following the destruction of the Seed of Wonder and the subsequent end of magic, the Slayer Organization is disbanded. Lost and without purpose, a portion of Slayers chose to follow Simone's way; others, no longer identifying themselves with the term "Slayer", chose to carve their own path in a world that no longer needed them. However, there were those that chose to remain faithful to Buffy. Anaheed, being one of them, was asked to keep an eye on Buffy as well as protect her from Simone's machinations. Anaheed settled down in San Francisco and arranged for Buffy to become her roommate, alongside her friend, Tumble. Anaheed "discovered" that Buffy is The Slayer and, after a debate with the other roommates, accept Buffy in the apartment by vote that was positively unanimously. Later, Anaheed agrees to welcome Billy Lane into the fold, while remaining a little bit hostile toward the young vampire hunter, even suspecting that he was affiliated with Simone and Severin. When Billy went to investigate Buffy's disappearance (provoked by Illyria) as well as a Zompire attack on Robert Dowling, Anaheed follows him and reveals to him her Slayer status, determined to help him in the actual crisis. While talking with a hospitalized Dowling, Anaheed watched a recorded zompire attack and recognized her old Slayer colleague Tessa as the zompire sire, deducting that Simone experiment a Slayer-Zompire hybrid.

Powers and abilities

Anaheed possesses all the powers of a slayer superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and reflexes