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She and my dad were homecoming King and Queen. They got married right after graduation.
Catherine Madison impersonating her daughter[src]

Amy's father (last name unknown) was the father of Amy Madison and the ex-husband of Catherine. A former Sunnydale High student and Homecoming King, he married Amy's mother right after graduation. However, at some point the couple began to fight as he apparently didn't make any money. He also called Catherine a witch (as he was perhaps aware of her secret activities). However, Amy failed to realize that he meant it literally. When their daughter was twelve, he left Catherine for another woman.

Years later, after Catherine "disappeared", Amy began to live with her father once again. Feeling guilty about having left Amy, he constantly tried to spend time with her. He was apparently unaware that Amy was also a witch.

In 2001, after her period as a rat, Amy returned to her father's home and erased the three years where she was absent from his memory.

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