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An unidentified man was Amy Madison's father and the ex-husband of Catherine.[1]


A former Sunnydale High School student, he was Homecoming King while his girlfriend Catherine was Homecoming Queen. The two got married right after graduation.[1]

After their daughter Amy was born, the couple began to have heated arguments. Catherine argued that he was "a big loser" and didn't make any money. He also called Catherine a witch. When their daughter was twelve, he left Catherine for another woman.[1]

After Catherine disappeared in 1996, Amy began to live with her father once again. According to her, he felt guilty about having left Amy and her mother, so he constantly tried to spend time with her.[1] They lived together until early 1998, when Amy transformed herself into a rat and became stuck in this form.[2]

In 2001, Amy was restored into her human form, and she considered erasing her father's memory of the three years she had been absent to avoid his questions.[3] After a night of partying, Amy went home to her expecting father.[4]

Behind the scenes

  • In the original script for the episode "Wrecked," Amy would say about her father: "I guess after I disappeared he just decided to start over. He's, like, this new guy with a new wife and a new baby. And I'm this reminder of all his old stuff."[5]



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