Balthazar's Amulet was the source of his great powers. After Balthazar was defeated, his amulet was taken by a Sunnydale landowner named Gleaves, who was buried with it.

In 1999, after learning of the impending Ascension of Richard Wilkins, Balthazar sent his minions to find the amulet and return it to him, so he could recuperate his lost powers and exact revenge on Wilkins. Buffy Summers took the Amulet from his disciples and gave it to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. However, after learning that Wesley kept it with him, Buffy gave the Amulet to Angel for safe keeping.

The fate of the Amulet after Balthazar's death is unknown, though it was presumed destroyed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The Amulet was made using the "Ancient Chinese Sea Dragon Dagger" designed by Kit Rae.

Appearances Edit


    Ancient Sea Dragon Knife by Kit Rae.

    "Bad Girls"
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