Ampata Gutierrez was a Peruvian exchange student that arrived in Sunnydale late 1997. His identity was taken by an Inca Mummy

He was part of the foreign student exchange program at Sunnydale High School and was paired up with Buffy Summers who was only told that Ampata was male and nothing else, upsetting Xander Harris at the thought of a male staying at Buffy's house. Upon arrival to Sunnydale, he waited at the bus station as Buffy was meant to pick him up but arrived late. Hearing a voice call to him, Ampata followed the voice, only to have his life sucked out by the Incan Mummy. His corpse was then stuffed into his own suitcase and discovered later by Buffy. The Incan Mummy additionally wore his clothes, tying the bottom of his shirt into a knot to make a cropped shirt.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Samuel Jacobs.
  • The entire length of his screentime lasted less than 30 seconds.