This article is about the real student. For the mummy who took his identity, see Inca Mummy.

Ampata Gutierrez was a Peruvian exchange student that arrived in Sunnydale in late 1997. After his death, Ampata had his identity taken by the Inca Mummy.


Ampata was part of the foreign student exchange program at Sunnydale High School, and was paired up with Buffy Summers to stay at her house. Upon arrival at Overland Charters, he waited at the bus station as Buffy was meant to pick him up, but was late.

Following a voice that called for him, Ampata had his life sucked out by the Inca mummy, who proceeded to take his identity and wear his clothes. His corpse was stuffed into his own suitcase, and eventually discovered by Buffy.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Samuel Jacobs.
  • He was credited as "Peruvian Boy" in the episode.


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