"Amends" is the tenth episode of season 3 of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It's Christmas in Sunnydale and Angel is haunted with dreams of the people he murdered over the years as Angelus, but when Buffy starts getting dragged into his dreams, they realize something is not right. Visions of his past victims, including Jenny Calendar, appear to him and try to get him to kill Buffy, saying that he will be released from the pain if he does so. Angel cannot bring himself to do this, so instead he opts to kill himself by standing on a hill and waiting for the sun to come up. Buffy and Giles figure out The First Evil has been driving Angel insane. Buffy finds the Bringers and pummels them. After The First appears to her, informing her that she can't possibly fight it and that Angel is about to be dust, she runs to his mansion to stop him. Buffy finds Angel atop the hill behind the mansion, awaiting sunrise. They have a tense and heartbreaking conversation in which Buffy punches him and he throws her to the ground. He wants her to leave him alone because he thinks the world is better off without him. With tears in both vampire champion and slayer's eyes, looking at each other, the heatwave from which Sunnydale has been suffering abruptly ends and the first flakes of snow start to fall. With the weather report saying the sun shouldn't be expected to be seen at all today, Buffy and Angel take a romantic walk through the town.

Quotes and trivia

Joss Whedon has cited many times Buffy and Angel's fight on the hilltop as one of the best things he has ever written, especially the line, "It's not the demon in me that needs killing, Buffy. It's the man."Wikipedia Amends on Wikipedia

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