The Ambush on Dawn and Amanda was an ambush conducted by the Bringers on Dawn Summers and Potential Slayer Amanda while the two were fighting a vampire at Sunnydale High in an attempt to kill Amanda.

Background Edit

After learning about a vampire trapped in Sunnydale High and believing herself to be a Potential Slayer, Dawn had Amanda lead her to the vampire so she could kill it. The two engaged in a battle with the vampire and were able to somewhat hold their own, but were no match for the vampire. The vampire nearly killed Dawn before the Bringers showed up, allowing her to throw the vampire off while the Bringers went after Amanda, surprising Dawn as she believed she was the Potential.

The Fight Edit

As the Bringers went to kill Amanda, Dawn used a gas jet to create a fireball that knocked them down and allowed Amanda to escape their grasp. Knowing that Amanda was the Potential Slayer and not her, Dawn gave Amanda a broken flag pole she used to fight the vampire to fight the Bringers. At the same time, Buffy, Spike and Xander arrived at the school and Xander located the two and alerted Buffy and Spike. The Bringers and the vampire attacked Dawn and Amanda and Amanda knocked down two Bringers while Dawn knocked down the third. Buffy and Spike entered the fray and each killed a Bringer with a knife before Amanda used the broken flagpole to stake the vampire while Buffy broke the neck of the last Bringer, bringing the fight to an end.

Aftermath Edit

Amanda joined Buffy's growing army of Potential Slayers after everything was explained to her. Dawn was upset that she was not a Potential, but Xander managed to cheer her up a bit. 


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