The ambush in the sewers was a trap set by the Bringers for Faith and the Potentials at a supposed weapons cache. Bringers fought them before the trap was sprung and three Turok-Han attacked them.

Background[edit | edit source]

After mutinying against Buffy, the Potential Slayers voted for Faith to take command of the army. They interogated a captured Bringer who pointed them to a weapons cache before Giles killed him. Faith led the Potentials to the weapons cache, while she sent the Scoobies to find and keep an eye on Buffy. They failed in doing so as Buffy was gone by the time they got to the house she was staying in.

The Trap[edit | edit source]

Faith and the Potentials arrived in the sewers at the weapons cache and were engaged by the Bringers guarding it. The Potentials and Faith managed to win the fight using the weapons they found around them. They found a box that they thought might contain something important and opened it. It turned out to be a bomb that killed a few Potentials and injured several others (including Faith) when it exploded.

Turok-Han ambush[edit | edit source]

After the explosion the Potentials regrouped and gathered the survivors to escape when three Turok-Han attacked the group with the intention of finishing them off. The survivors tried to escape but were surrounded by the three Turok-Han and one Potential was killed. Kennedy tried to fight them off, but was nearly killed before Buffy arrived to help, wielding the Scythe and having learned of their predicament from The First. With the Scythe, Buffy proved more than a match for the Turok-Han and staked two before decapitating the last one.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Buffy helped the survivors return home where the wounded were treated. Buffy resumed command of the Potentials and her friends and they began researching the Scythe which eventually led Buffy to the Guardian's Crypt.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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