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Listen, I've had this talk before, believe me. I know it sounds bad giving up your unborn baby to a supernatural cult, but...how does a person turn all that down?

Amanda was the Holy Vessel of the Fell Brethren. While pregnant, she was approached by the Fell in early 2004 with an offer which exploited her unfortunate circumstances.


Amanda's husband was hurt at work and diagnosed with incurable brain damage. Not only was her husband unable to work, but his memory was also affected and he was unable to even remember Amanda. With both Amanda and her husband not working, the household was under a serious financial strain, surviving on food stamp and disability benefits.

She was offered a proposal by the Fell: First, in exchange for all parental rights and ownership of their son, they would cure Amanda's husband, returning his memories and effectively making him whole once more. Second, the Fell would take ownership of the child and provide a very secure and regal life, worshiped by the Fell as a spiritual figure. He would be taken care of far more luxuriously than Amanda and her ill husband could ever afford.

The Fell, Amanda, Charles Gunn and Angel met to legally bind the arrangement the two parties had verbally agreed upon. Gunn read the documents aloud which entailed the son's treatment over the course of the years to come and found that the Fell neglected to tell Amanda that upon his thirteenth birthday he would be ritually sacrificed. Prior to this being read aloud, the Fell verbally and aggressively reminded Gunn that the Fell hired Wolfram & Hart to represent them, not Amanda.

Amanda's situation was exploited further as Angel assisted the Fell in legally sealing the deal between Amanda and the Fell prior to Amanda learning the truth of her son's eventually dire situation. This maneuver was, in fact, simply a tactic to gain the trust of the Circle of the Black Thorn, putting Angel in a position to infiltrate and destroy the Circle.

Amanda's baby was later returned to her after a rescue by Spike and the Fell were destroyed.

Personality and traits[]

Gunn: “Amanda, the Fell Brethren leader makes Jim Jones look like a Sunday school teacher.
Amanda: “Who's Jim Jones?
— Gunn and Amanda[src]

Amanda was young and naive, traits which the Fell Brethren clearly exploited to their advantage.

Behind the Scenes[]