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Vampire Willow: “Who do you work for?
Alphonse: “You...
— Vamp Willow and Alphonse[src]

Alphonse was a vampire serving as an enforcer of Mayor Wilkins who later became a minion of Vamp Willow.


Everybody, shut up! All right. Nobody causes any trouble, or tries to leave, and nobody gets hurt.

Alphonse was the leader of a group of vampires sent by Mayor Wilkins to kill Willow Rosenberg. However, Alphonse and his men ran into Willow's vampire counterpart and attacked her by mistake instead. After being defeated, the Vamp Willow interrogated Alphonse and brought him and his men into her service.

Now serving a new master, Alphonse and the rest of the vampires attacked The Bronze, where they held every patron hostage, while Vamp Willow went after her human counterpart.

Alphonse was ultimately dusted during a fight between Buffy Summers and the vampires when he was impaled by the Slayer with a pool cue.


With all due respect, boss, the fun would be the eating.

Alphonse served whoever held the most power, placing his own well being before any other priority and following the strongest leader. Like many of the Sunnydale vampires, Alphonse had submitted to Mayor Wilkins, who had filled the power vacuum caused by the absence of Angelus, Spike and Drusilla. Not only did he serve as one of his loyal enforcers, but he had command over a group of the Mayor's minions. However, Alphonse wasn't particularly loyal; when he came under the threat of vampire Willow, he chose to follow her.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Michael Nagy.
  • Michael Nagy also portrayed Jay-Don.
  • His human face is never shown, which contrasts with Jay-Don, whose "vampire face" is never shown.