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Alonna Gunn was the younger sister of Charles Gunn. She was a member of his crew of vampire hunters until vampires captured and sired her.[1]


Since an early age, Alonna had been fighting vampires in Los Angeles with her brother Charles and his crew of vampire hunters, although she felt that Gunn was too liberal in his use of violence without really thinking through the consequences of his attacks, to the extent that he risked getting himself killed.[1]

After Angel used his hand to intercept an arrow that had been accidentally triggered when Alonna fell against a tripwire, she was the first member of the crew to recognize that Angel meant them no harm and was actually willing to help them.[1]

That day, during a daylight raid on the crew's home — the vampires using smoke grenades to force the crew outside, covering their bodies with coats and masks to protect them from the sunlight —, Alonna was kidnapped and sired. Afterward, she tried to convince her brother to let her turn him, but he staked her instead, certain that his sister was no longer the person before him.[1]

This event deeply traumatized Gunn, who had nightmares about the event for over a year.[2]


As a human, Alonna was compassionate, willing to do what was necessary to help keep the streets safe from vampires but recognizing that situations were not always black and white, allowing her to accept the idea that Angel was not a danger to them simply because he was a vampire.[1]

As a vampire, Alonna relished her new power and enjoyed being a soulless demon. However, unlike most vampires, Alonna retained some of her humanity — such as her love for her brother — and fondly remembered how he once saved her from falling. Alonna desired to save her brother by siring him.[1]

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