Spike Comic Issue
Alone Together Now
Publication date October 13, 2010
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 1
Pages 32
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Penciller(s) Franco Urru
Inker(s) Franco Urru
Colorist(s) Andrea Priorini
publication order
first issue in series
What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas

"Alone Together Now" was the first issue of the Spike (IDW series) comic book mini-series.


The issue opens up with a Las Vegas casino getting swarmed by flesh eating locusts, one of many events that get covered up by authority figures. Wishing to break away from Angel Investigations and gain some independence, Spike decides to take it on himself to save Las Vegas by forming his own evil-fighting team.

After a brief, yet on-the-nose recapping of his life, Spike is in the present day, commenting on the Last Angel in Hell movie. Aside from his fame garnered by that movie, he also inspired the the Twinkle book series written none other than Spider Harley, Spike's ex-girlfriend.

A lot of fans (wearing Team William or Team Jared shirts) are lining up to see the first showing of Re-clipse and are excited when a group of real vampires show up. However, real vampires are nothing like how they are portrayed in the books and they attack the fans. Angel, Illyria, and Spike come to the rescue, although Spike can't help but pose for onlooking cameras.

Before heading out to Vegas, Spike visits the Mosaic Wellness Center to recruit Beck. Mosaic coordinator Malposo Angra Mazda Ormazd Yazatas Mainyu is reluctant at first because Beck has been displaying emotional and behavioral problems, Spike chalks it up to her youth and states that Betta George will accompany them. Malposo lets Spike have Beck for two days, but she must wear gauntlets to control her pyrokinesis. Beck, who is donning a new tough-girl look, subsequently destroys the gauntlets the first chance she gets.

On their way to Vegas via motorcycle, George displays his ability to psychically glamor himself to passing motorists. At their arrival, Spike is attacked by a demon that controls a group of Elvis impersonators at its will. The impersonators are forced into one another, seemingly to join as one. While Beck uses her abilities to keep tourists from getting hurt, Spike dives in the center of the Elvis ball and kills the demon, but not without injuring his shoulder. Because the demon had been expecting him, Spike affirms that the evil in Las Vegas knows that he is there.

Meanwhile, in a luxurious apartment, a man receives a late-night call letting him know that Spike is in Las Vegas. When he returns to bed, his lover is revealed as Drusilla--whose visions predicted Spike's arrival. Although Drusilla has a sexual relationship with the man, she states that her heart belongs to Spike. The man then states that Spike has his soul.


The story is set after "Angel: After The Fall" and "Last Gleaming".



Organizations and Titles



Behind the Scenes

  • Lynch discussed his original plans for the issue:
"To be honest, when it went from unlimited series to mini-series, I completely rewrote issue one, but kept the Twinkle stuff because I thought it was a good set-up for Spike's exposition.
That said, originally, Spike didn't go to Vegas in the first issue (he got there around issue 3). Issue 2 was going to end with John going to a Spider book signing and killing her as a "message" for Spike. Would have been sad end for her, and this way, Spider goes out in a happy place (successful writer!) so in a way I'm glad it was cut.
I should ask IDW if we can put the entire original first issue script in the back of the SPIKE collected."[1]


Pop Culture References

  • The opening line of the issue is "Las Vegas. Started evil. Stayed that way." This is a reference to "Big City Girl", where Melaka Fray's first line of dialogue is "Bad day. Started bad, stayed that way." Another variation of the line also appears in the Buffy Season Eight story "Time of Your Life", uttered by Buffy Summers.
  • The Last Angel in Hell movie seen in this issue as a DVD exists as a real-world comic, titled Last Angel in Hell, and is also written by Brian Lynch.
  • The in-universe Twinkle series of books and films is intended to mimic the real-world vampire franchise, The Twilight Saga. However, Twilight still exists in the Buffyverse; Buffy refers to it in the Buffy Season Eight story "Twilight".
  • Spike's mention of "aerial sex" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Buffy and Angel's superpowered sex in the Season Eight story "Twilight". That event has not yet occurred at the time "Alone Together Now" takes place.


Spike - "Las Vegas. Started evil. Stayed that way."


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