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All That You Do Comes Back Unto Thee is a prose short story of Tales of the Slayer book series. It was written by Todd A. McIntosh and published by Simon Pulse.


A fellow student of Buffy Summers at UC Sunnydale named Josh decides to stand up for himself against the mean jocks and summons an ancient Egyptian spirit to do his bidding. Only the spirit doesn't want to play along and is in search of his mummified body which is currently located in Sunnydale Natural History Museum. It's up to Buffy to stop this spirit from inhabiting his old body, but it turns out that Xander, despite his mummy fears, saves the day.




Organizations and titles



Death count

  • Bruce Carter

Behind the scenes

Pop culture references

  • Josh compares Bruce with actress Bette Davis in film The Little Foxes (1941).
  • Josh has read about witches conjuring the god Thor, from Norse mythology.
  • Sesostris is a priest of Anubis in ancient Egyptian religion.
  • Buffy describes her "Spidey sense" as tingling, in reference to the fictional Spider-Man superpower.

Goofs, bloopers & continuity errors

  • Anya says: "the last human boyfriend I had is an ogre now;" assuming she's referring to Olaf, his classification is of a troll, instead of an ogre ("Selfless").
  • The Mayor is mentioned as having destroyed Sunnydale High, when in fact Giles who had detonated the bomb that exploded the building to kill him ("Graduation Day, Part Two").


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