"All Hell" was the eighth issue of the Fray comic book series.


Mel was inside the creature that was the gateway to Hell. As she began to pass through the creature, she started to hack away at its core, heading towards the brain. Outside the creature, Erin was informed that the police were nuking the area: the whole warren was about to become a giant fireball. Erin looked at Harth and exclaimed that she had had enough.

Harth lunged for her and they plunged through the air. Harth taunted her about her sibling’s respective deaths and she was left motionless on the ground. Suddenly, the creature roared in pain and Mel came through its eye, ripping it to shreds as she did.

The demon collapsed on top of Versi, and Mel crawled to her sister’s side. Harth called her to him and claimed that she may have saved Haddyn and the world, but she would never guess what’s coming next. He kissed her and then escaped into the shadows.

The police halted their nukes because of the creature’s death and Erin was carted away, severely injured. Urkonn told her that she had saved the world and that for now, it was all over. Mel told him that it was not, and glanced at Loo’s parents.

At Gunther’s place, he apologised profusely for turning Mel in, but Mel told him that that was not why she was there. She said that it was all about Loo. Gunther had no clue about her and claimed that he did not killed her or have her killed, and Mel claimed that she knew. She turned to Urkonn and told him that he killed Loo. “Vampires can’t come in unless you ask ‘em. I sure as Hell never did. And they didn’t feed.”

Urkonn exclaimed that he did it to push her into fighting. Mel confirmed that and then pointed out that he never helped her when she was near water: he could not swim. With that, she plunged her scythe into Gunther’s tank and they fell in. As they fell through into one of Gunther’s compartments, they smashed the other side of the tank and before Urkonn could get up, Mel speared him in the head with her scythe. She picked Gunther up and places him back into his water.

Somewhere, the spirits talk between themselves and wondered what the future held: the city would be rebuilt, Mel would rekindle her relationship with Erin and return to her old life – but she also had a new life…


The events took place after "The Gateway", but before "Tales".



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Melaka Fray: "They'll be watching, The demons, Harth... things I don't even know about yet. They'll all be waiting. Waiting for me to fall. So come on guys. I'm just one girl. No big hero, no protector of justice, not even a bona fide one-hundred-percent Slayer. So what are you waiting for? Take me on. Hurt my world. I dare you."
- All Hell


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