I never wanted to be a sluh... Slayer -- I... auhhh... I just wanted a normal life.

Alexia was one of the new Slayers activated by Willow Rosenberg in 2003.


Alexia was a Slayer living in the town of Nashua, New Hampshire. She attended high school with her lifelong best friend, Jacob. The two would spend hours hanging out together at the local arcade. Once vampires became mainstream, thanks to Harmony Kendall and her reality show, Alexia's burden as a Slayer worsened, knowing that her calling was now rejected like the vampires had been. She eventually discovered that her friend Jacob had allowed vampires to feed off of him, giving him a temporary high, and while she did not approve of it, remained silent for fear of persecution of her views on the undead. During a snowstorm, Jacob had been attacked and bitten by Sebastian, a vampire who regularly fed from him, and two partners. Jacob was found by a female vampire named May and sired. Seven days passed before Alexia saw her friend again, and it would be days more before she encountered him again.

Outside the arcade, Alexia attempted to press Jacob about his strange behavior and tried to get him to see that vampires were soulless killers, when May appeared and once Alexia realized why she was there and what she was, the two began to fight, and in the midst of the fight, Alexia dusted May. This was witnessed by Jacob and a group of people from inside the arcade, and she was cursed for slaying a vampire. Jacob, furious at her for killing May and for not conforming to the belief that vampires were good, drained Alexia to the point of death. Realizing he didn't want to lose her, he gave her the choice to die or to be sired.

Powers and abiltiesEdit

Alexia had the normal powers and abilities of all Slayers.

Trivia Edit

Whatever decision they last chooses is unknown. But if she decides to become a vampire, she is a slaypire.

Preceded by:
Buffy Summers

and Faith Lehane


concurrently with Buffy Summers, 'Faith Lehane and hundreds of others

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Slayer succession line abolished

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