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Btvs.png This article's subject is part of the alternate timeline known as the Wishverse. For the original timeline equivalent, see Alexander Harris. For other uses, see Xander.

Slap my hand, dead soul man.
―Alexander Harris[src]

Alexander LaVelle "Xander" Harris was a vampire and the alternate timeline counterpart of Xander. Member of the Order of Aurelius, he was one of the leading acolytes of the Master, alongside his lover Willow Rosenberg.[1]


When Cordelia Chase wished to Anyanka that Buffy Summers had never moved to Sunnydale, the vengeance demon transported her to a reality in which the absence of the Slayer had allowed the town to be dominated by vampires. Xander, accompanied by Willow, encountered Cordelia alone in the streets, oblivious to their identity as vampires. They attempted to bite her, who was saved by the White Hats at the last minute.[1]

He took part in torturing Angel, but mostly enjoyed watching Willow demonstrate her zest for torture and death. During the Master’s presentation of the new blood factory, he took part in the battle against the invading humans, when he managed to stake Angel, but was staked by the recently arrived Buffy Summers.[1]


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