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Alexander LaVelle "Xander" Harris was a Watchers Council operative and Scooby Gang member, encountered by Buffy Summers in an alternate timeline.

History[edit | edit source]

Losing Buffy and Anya[edit | edit source]

During the conflict with Camazotz and his Kakchiquels, Buffy became possessed by the spirit of Zotzilaha and eventually captured by the demon-god. Giles, then a vampire himself, had Buffy captured and set out to unite the vampires to take over the world.

Xander and the remaining members of the Scooby Gang fought against Giles' rise to power, but he eventually conquered Sunnydale. Giles eventually sent Spike to kill the gang and Joyce Summers. Spike succeeded in killing Joyce and Anya and left Xander with a permanent scar on his face. The threat from Spike caused Oz to gain control of his werewolf abilities in time to drive off Spike and save everyone else's lives.[citation needed]

Operative of the Council and Buffy's return[edit | edit source]

Subsequently, Xander joined the Watchers Council's operation against Giles' army, becoming one of their lead operatives. Hardened by the death of the woman he loved, Xander lost his humor and much of his gentler side becoming a grim scarred soldier in the war against the vampires.

Five years after Buffy's capture, she managed to escape and contact the Council for assistance. Xander was part of the extraction team sent to meet Buffy at the border and he saved her life from Spike. Buffy was shocked by the changes in her friends, Xander most of all and sometimes clashed with him over his more ruthless methods. When Spike showed up looking to exact revenge upon Giles, Xander enjoyed the opportunity to torture Anya's killer and finally exacted his revenge by staking Spike once they had all of the information that they needed.

Alongside Buffy, Xander helped lead the operation to liberate Sunnydale and kill Giles, though he continued to clash with the more ruthless tactics the Council operatives used on the Giles' human followers. Xander helped to take out Camazotz, resulting in the Kakchiquels losing their extra power and helped to find Angel, displaying open anguish for once at their loses. Confronted by Giles, Xander attempted to kill the Vampire King with his crossbow before a call for help pulled Buffy's friends away from her.[citation needed]

Sacrifice and legacy[edit | edit source]

Arriving in the courtroom where the main battle was taking place, Willow, Xander, and Oz found most of the Council operatives dead, including Wesley and Anna Kuei about to be killed by Jax. Unwilling to lose anyone else, Xander ordered Willow to save everyone that was left before rushing in and decapitating Jax with a battleaxe, saving Anna's life. Xander was immediately beset upon by four vampires who tore Xander apart before Anna or Willow could intervene. Devastated by Xander's death, Willow used her magic to flood the room with sunlight, killing the remaining vampires and fulfilling his last request.[1]

After Sunnydale was retaken, Xander was honored as one of those who fell retaking Sunnydale and given a funeral. Xander was buried under his full name of Alexander LaVelle Harris which Willow noted that he'd hate as nobody ever called Xander by his full name. Oz told Buffy that at the end of his life, Xander had started to act like his old self again as if he'd forgotten and someone had reminded him again. Oz believed that that person was Buffy and Willow announced that she believed that she had found the way to change how things had gone.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Due to Anya's brutal murder at the hands of Spike, Xander became a hardened individual, losing his sense of humor and developing a much colder personality. Following Buffy's return, Xander remained distant from his former best friend and only reluctantly spent time with her at first and enjoyed the chance to get revenge upon Spike for Anya's murder. Having trained for five years as a Council operative, Xander was a highly-efficient soldier and leader.

Despite his changed personality, aspects of the old Xander remained buried deep down. Towards the end of his life, Xander started showing signs of his old self which Willow believed was due to the influence of Buffy. In particular, after Buffy was devastated at discovering Angel's state, she saw that Xander's steely exterior had given way completely and he shared her pain over all of the losses that they had suffered. After seeing Wesley's death, Xander selflessly sacrificed himself to save Anna's life, telling Willow with his last words to save the rest of the survivors.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Lost Slayer

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