[[Xander Harris|

Xander's Apartment

Xander Harris]] owned an apartment seen many times throughout the series. He buys the apartment in The Replacement where it also sees it's first demon death (The slaying of Toth).


There are few notable rooms int Xander's apartment including:

The Living Room

The most seen room of the Apartment, the living room is connected to the kitchen making for one large and spacious layout. Also where most of Xander and Anya's song (I'll Never

The Living Room

Tell) takes place.

The Bedroom

Xander and often Anya's bedroom only seen on rare occasions like the start of Xander and Anya's ballad (I'll Never Tell)/

The Balcony

The Apartment features a long and spacious balcony seen frequently through exterior shots it also is where Willow Rosenberg and the Buffybot have one of their infamous conversations.

Notable Happenings

  • The Slaying of Toth
  • Anya's possession
  • A common hide out for the Scoobies.
  • Anya's song ('I'll Be His Mrs.")
  • The meeting of the two Xanders
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