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Xander Harris rented an apartment in Sunnydale. He leased it in 2000 after being split into two entities by the demon Toth. Anya Jenkins lived there as well until their breakup in 2002. The braver Xander half, having been promoted at his construction job, was confident in his ability to afford it and did not hesitate to sign the lease, despite Xander’s reluctance to do so before the spell divided him into two.

It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale in 2003.


There are a few notable rooms in Xander's apartment including:


The Living Room


The Bedroom

The Living Room[]

The most seen room of the apartment, the living room, was connected to the kitchen as well as the dining room, making for one large and spacious layout. This was where most of Xander and Anya's song ("I'll Never Tell") took place.[1]

The Bedroom[]

Xander and Anya's bedroom was only seen on rare occasions, including the start of Xander and Anya's ballad ("I'll Never Tell"). It included a queen size bed.

The Balcony[]

The apartment featured a long and spacious balcony seen frequently through exterior shots. That was where Willow Rosenberg and the Buffybot had one of their infamous conversations.

Notable Happenings[]


  • A common hideout for the Scoobies
  • The meeting of the two Xanders[2]
  • The slaying of Toth[2]


  • Willow delivering Buffy out of her catatonic state caused by Dawn's kidnapping by Glorificus[3]
  • The Scooby Gang's reunion to discuss Buffy's resurrection.
  • Anya's possession[4]
  • Anya's song ('I'll Be His Mrs.")[5]


  • Anya received a visit from her best friend Halfrek to announce her wedding.[6]
  • An ensouled and maddened Spike was a temporary resident.[7]
  • Anya was charged to watch Spike's actions, suspected of murders by the Scooby Gang.[8]


  • Rona and other Potentials were temporary residents[9]