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Alexa Landry was an operative for the Watchers Council.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Alexa's ancestor, Sir Andrew Landry, was a fearless vampire hunter who was stalked and killed by Angelus. Alexa manipulated the Watchers Council to achieve the position of field operative, in order to exact revenge against Angelus, although she was never a Slayer. For a brief period, when she first became a field operative for the Council, Alexa became involved with Rupert Giles, years before he became Buffy Summers's Watcher. Giles broke it off when it became clear to him that she enjoyed the visceral aspect of her duties a bit more than was healthy or proper.

Following Buffy's official 'resignation' from the Council, Alexa took advantage of the opportunity to suggest that the Council make her a new field operative, granting her access to their magical arsenal of weapons, so that she could eliminate demons in the Slayer's place, her reputation prompting Travers to accept the suggestion despite the obvious risks.

Alexa eventually hunted down demons in Los Angeles and informed survivors that Angel had sent her. This resulted in hordes of demons hunting down Angel, leaving carnage and bloodshed in their wake. With Angel fending off demons left and right, he was unable to protect his colleagues, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Cordelia Chase from a brutal visit from Alexa. Alexa's actions attracted the attention of both Buffy as well as the head of the Council, Quentin Travers, Travers being forced to admit that Alexa was taking things too far despite his usual issues with the group. Alexa's arsenal of magical artifacts allowed her to take on the combined might of Buffy, Angel and their friends.

Alexa nearly came out victorious, paralyzing Angel with an Izmir dagger and her arsenal allowing her to even hold her own against Buffy. Before Alexa could dust him, her weapons and supplies were stripped away by Buffy's magically inclined friends Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay. Relentless to the end, Alexa continued to fight barehanded and was finally taken down by Buffy and left in the hands of the Council for punishment. After the fight was over, Angel expressed some regret at Alexa's fixation on the past, Giles agreeing with the assessment by noting that Alexa was imprisoned by the past where Angel had allowed it to teach him, although Willow and Tara noted that just because they felt sorry for her didn't mean that they would be sharing an espresso with her any time soon.

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