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Alessandra Cavallaro was a Potential Slayer living in Venice, Italy, in 1940.


Alessandra was the third to be hunted by Spike and Drusilla in an accord with Skrymir, the vampires having found her name in the Watchers Council's list of known Slayers-in-Waiting and their respective watchers.

In June 12, 1940, when she was fourteen years old, the vampire duo kept her hung with railroad spikes into her palms and feet at the doors of St. Mark's Cathedral. At four in the morning, they killed seven different passersby who tried to come to her aid. Spike and Drusilla then stabbed her and drank her blood, finally withdrawing when the sky began to lighten and people began to emerge onto the streets.

Alessandra could not move by then, and soon she was drowning in her own blood. Tasting the cooper in her mouth, her last coherent thought was a fear that somehow this would sire her, making her like them.[1]



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