The end of magic has made me just another doddering old fool with a house full of rubbish and dreary stories of days gone by.
―Alasdair Coames[src]

Alasdair Coames was a powerful Archmage, an expert on demon biology and an old friend of Rupert Giles.

In 1970, he was present in Oklahoma where, with several other archmages, he killed Pearl and Nash's children becoming their nemesis.

He had fought in the Ley Line War of '78.

Following the End of magic, Alasdair lost his magic powers and became a collector of magical creatures and artefacts.

Angel and Faith Lehane sought him out to obtain information on Mohra Demons. Afterward, Alasdair followed Faith and warned her not to let Angel use the Blood of Eternity to resurrect Giles.

After Angel successfully reassembled Giles's soul using the Tooth of Ammuk, healing his body with the Crown of Coils, Coames helped Faith and Spike track down an ancient artefact known as the Essuary to extract Giles's soul from Angel's body (The Essuary being the only artefact capable of doing so without the use of magic). Although initially reluctant, he subsequently volunteered his collection of magical artefacts as a power source for Angel to use to resurrect Giles.

Recently, Alasdair had helped Angel against the evil witch Amy Madison by procuring hum a Najakot Demon, a natural predator to magic practitionners.