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This article is about the Slayer. For the Los Angeles resident, see Aiko Morimoto.

Aiko was a Slayer activated by Willow's Slayer activation spell and leader of the Slayer Organization Tokyo headquarters.[1]


Buffy Summers contacted Aiko after a group of Japanese vampires stole the scythe. She discovered the identity of the vampire Toru by defeating a group of Kabuki demons by herself.[1]

Aiko tracked down Toru and his right hand, Raidon, through the streets of Tokyo. However, the two vampires had detected her and set a trap to capture her. Using the Scythe, the vampire witch Kumiko Ishihara depowered Aiko from her Slayer powers, testing the weapon with the intention to use the spell in a larger scale. Toru then broke Aiko's jaw and bit her, killing her in the process.[1]

Afterward, Toru tied Aiko's corpse to a building and hung a banner written "Welcome to Tokyo" using Aiko's blood as a warning sign for Buffy and her team of Slayers. Buffy ordered Aiko's body to be cut down, and she carried it to a Buddhist temple in the Tokyo headquarters.[2]