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Sometimes the journey is taken simply because it must be taken.
―Agnes Bellfleur[src]

Agnes Bellfleur, nicknamed Aggie, was a human psychic and an old friend of Lorne's.


Oh, you know the business—vague predictions, lengthy pauses, anything to keep the numbers rollin'...

Aggie was one of Lorne's closest friends. She worked at a psychics hotline and, despite being a real psychic, she often offered vague predictions in order to keep clients calling. When Lorne sought her to find a psychic hotspot which could be used to open a portal to Pylea, she accepted to help, but only if Lorne went back to his home dimension with Angel, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, and Charles Gunn. While Lorne doubted this advice at first, once he was preparing to leave Pylea he accepted that he had been right to return to confirm that his place was in Los Angeles and Pylea would never be his true home.


I can find your hot spot, Lorne, but on one condition: you've gotta go with 'em. It's the only way you're gonna resolve these issues that are cloudin' up your aura, I can see it.
―Aggie to Lorne[src]

Agnes was a psychic capable of reading auras and sensing sources of psychic energy.

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