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Angel Comic Books
After the Fall, Volume Three
Publication date March 11, 2007
Published by IDW Publishing
Includes Original Comics 9-12
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) David Messina
Nick Runge
Stephen Mooney
Inker(s) Nick Runge
Shaynne Corbett
Colorist(s) Art Lyon
Jason Jensen
Comic Book Collections
publication order
Angel: After the Fall: First Night
Angel: After the Fall (Volume Four)

"Angel: After the Fall (Volume Three)" was a hardcover collecting issues nine to twelve of the Angel comic book series.

Publisher's Summary

Longtime friends-turned-bitter-enemies Angel and Gunn are on a collision course with destruction, Gunn's master plan comes to light, and an old friend returns to help Angel in his darkest hour.



This volume also includes:

  • Art Gallery;
  • "Through the Fishbowl - The On-Set Diary of Betta George"
  • Questions and Answers, by Brian Lynch
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