After the Fall, Volume 4 is the fourth volume of Angel trade paperbacks, collecting issues thirteen to seventeen of the comic book series. It was originally published July 15, 2009 by IDW Publishing.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The excitement of After the Fall continues in this latest offering from Whedon and Lynch! With truths revealed, master plans laid out, and people dying, it's clear evil is winning the fight in Los Angeles. In this decisive story, a climactic battle will see Angel live free or die for the final time.

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Distribution[edit | edit source]

  • After the Fall, Volume 4 was the 28th best selling graphic novel in its publishing month, with 2,276 sales in July 2009 at comic specialty stores.[1]

International titles[edit | edit source]

  • German: Nach dem Fall: Die Hölle von Los Angeles (After the Fall: Showdown in Hell)
  • Spanish (Spain): Tras la caída, Volumen 4 (After the Fall, Volume 4)

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