Angel Comic Issue
After the Fall, Part Three
Angel ATF 3
Publication date January, 2008
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 3
Pages 32
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Franco Urru
Inker(s) Franco Urru
Colorist(s) Ilaria Traversi
publication order
After the Fall, Part Two
After the Fall, Part Four
Angel ATF 3variant

"After the Fall, Part Three" was the third issue of the Angel: After the Fall comic book series.


Angel, having been dragged off by Illyria in the previous chapter, gravely wounds him. Angel reveals that the Hell dimension has been playing havoc with Illyria's powers, and she is once again time-skipping as she did in "Time Bomb". Spike instructs that she calm down, but her attentions are focused elsewhere when Angel's dragon makes a sudden appearance. She battles the creature until Spike instructs her to stop; Connor shows up then, and tells his
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Angel reveals that he is no longer a vampire.

father that he and Spike have been working together. Spike has begun patrolling the city for survivors as well, and even began allowing them to stay with him at his new residence when the other shelters became too crowded; Spike's "Hugh Hefner" lifestyle has only been part of an act. Angel then confronts the Lords of Los Angeles, and challenges them to a battle for the city in two days. On the final page, Angel's inner monologue reveals his wounds are mortal, and that he his no longer a vampire.


The story is set after "Not Fade Away", but before "Aftermath".



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