Angel Comic Issue
After the Fall, Part Eight
Publication date June 11, 1008
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 8
Pages 32
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Joss Whedon
Scott Tipton
Penciller(s) Tim Kane
Fabio Mantovani
Mirco Pierfederici
Kevyn Schmidt
Inker(s) Tim Kane
Fabio Mantovani
Mirco Pierfederici
Kevyn Schmidt
Colorist(s) Michele Buscalferri
Fabio Mantovani
Jeremy Treece
publication order
After the Fall, Part Seven
After the Fall, Part Nine
Angel ATF 8variant

"After the Fall, Part Eight", also known as "First Night, Part Three", is the eighth issue of the After the Fall comic book series.


In the first section, Gwen is making out with a guy on the beach when Los Angeles is thrown into Hell. The change in scenery has caused the device regulating her power to stop working, causing her to accidentally electrocute her male companion. In the second section, a crazy guy is preaching about the end of the world when Los Angeles is sent to Hell. Finally, Gunn wakes up in a vampire's lair to discover he's been sired. Learning the vampires were ordered to turn him, he kills their leader and takes charge of the group.


The story starts with Gwen making out with a boy on a beach, their contact only being able to happen thanks to L.I.S.A. They then witness L.A being sent into hell. At first they don't know what is going on, but Gwen figures it out when the sea boils and the pier is set on fire. Gwen then touches Nate, only to fry him with her powers as L.I.S.A. has malfunctioned sue to L.A being sent to hell. After unsuccessfully trying to shock Nate back into life, Gwen sets off with her full set of powers.



Betta George

Betta's third and final segment picks up after Connor's; where he finds out, by reading Tank's mind, that Gunn is training his vampire gang by making them fight against multiple captive Slayers.


The story is set after "Not Fade Away", but before "After the Fall, Part One".



Organizations and Titles




Weapons and Objects

Body Count

  • Nate, electrocuted by Gwen Raiden (reversed)
  • a demon, betrayed by Angel (reversed)
  • Gunn, sired by a vampire (reversed)
  • Gunn's sire, dusted by Gunn (reversed)

Behind the Scenes



Variant Covers