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Adja was a Slayer from the Gothic period of France in the 11th century, sent through time to stop the demon Karfarnaum from assassinating Buffy Summers in the year 2000.


Adja had as her mission to prevent Karfarnaum from killing Buffy Summers, although he did not know which era this future Slayer lived in, but managed to pinpoint her location to Sunnydale, a small town that resided over a Hellmouth. Adja went after the demon through his time portals, jumping with him in the years 1840, 1976, and finally 2000.[1]

In the first battle between Buffy and Karfarnaum, Adja caught up to him and intervened in time to save the other Slayer's life. Without the ability of being able to speak modern day English, she relied on Buffy's Watcher, Rupert Giles, to explain to Buffy that she was there to protect her. As the demon was only meant to live until it had completed its task of killing the Slayer, Adja protected Buffy sacrificing herself, being killed by Karfarnaum instead.

Buffy later learned that Adja's people believed that Buffy was the savior of mankind, and that Adja's only purpose had been to die so that she may live. Her name, Adja, meant "one who is already dead"; while Adja called Buffy "Nasjands", which meant "the Savior".[2]



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