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== [[File:AmberAdam.jpg|Amber Benson and Adam|thumb|left]] ==
== [[File:AmberAdam.jpg|Amber Benson and Adam|thumb|left]]Episodes ==
== Episodes ==
* "[[I Was Made to Love You]]"
* "[[I Was Made to Love You]]"
* "[[Intervention]]"
* "[[Intervention]]"

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Adam Busch is an American actor who played the recurring character Warren Mears on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Adam is also the frontman of a folk/indie band called Common Rotation.

In 2004, he began dating costar Amber Benson. Ironically, it was his character, Warren, who killed Benson's, Tara Maclay, in the sixth season of Buffy.



Amber Benson and Adam


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