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Btvs Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

A hell dimension was accessible through the activation of Acathla.[1]


As Angel told the history, Acathla was a demon who arose with the intention to swallow the world. Before he could do so, Acathla was killed by a virtuous knight, who pierced the demon's heart with a sword. Acathla then turned to stone and was buried "where neither man nor demon would want to look."[1]

In 1998, when Acathla's tomb was discovered,[1] Angel opened the portal to this dimension in order to let it consume the Earth. Buffy Summers, failing to prevent Acathla's activation, stabbed Angel so his blood would close the portal again. He was absorbed by the vortex as it closed, becoming a prisoner to this dimension.[2]

According to Rupert Giles, Acathla's dimension was "a world of brutal torment" and time moved differently there, passing hundreds of years while it had been only a few months on Earth.[3] Angel eventually was expelled from this dimension back to Earth,[4] initially acting violently and without apparent intelligence, until he recovered himself.[3]



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