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Acathla, the demon, came forth to swallow the world. It was killed by a virtuous knight who pierced the demon's heart before it could draw breath to perform the act. Acathla turned to stone, as demons sometimes do, and was buried where neither man nor demon would want to look. Unless of course they're putting up low rent housing.

Acathla was a demon that was once sent to bring about the end of the world.[1]



Before Acathla could open its mouth, it was killed by a virtuous knight who stabbed it with a sword through the heart. This transformed Acathla into a dormant stone-like state. Sometime after, Acathla was entombed and buried "where neither man nor demon would want to look."[1]

Before having been first defeated, Acathla had been served by Lucious Temple.[1]


Acathla entombed

Acathla entombed.

In 1997, the tomb of Acathla was discovered by archaeologists from the Sunnydale Natural History Museum. According to Whistler, it was the destiny of the ensouled vampire Angel to stop Acathla from opening the gate to his hell dimension; however, by that time Angel had lost his soul and reverted to his evil persona. Angel took Acathla from the museum, placed it in the Crawford Street mansion, and set about to awakening it.[1]

In its dormant state, Acathla could be awakened to resume its original purpose. Acathla could send out whispers to certain beings. Drusilla, a vampire and a seer, claimed to be able to hear the demon's thoughts even with considerable distance.[1]

Second defeat[]


Angel successfully removing the sword.

According to Rupert Giles, Angel's blood was the key to awakening the demon and opening the door that would suck the world into Acathla's hell. The Slayer, Buffy Summers, attempted to prevent Angel from doing so, but she ultimately ran Angel through with a blessed sword after he awakened Acathla, sending Angel into hell. Acathla once again reverted to its dormant state, and he was removed from the mansion.[2]

Months later, Giles claimed to need to perform a binding spell to keep Acathla dormant, but this was really an attempt to get Buffy to open up about what happened to Angel and was unnecessary. Angel was then released from Acathla's world back to the mansion;[3] the First Evil claimed responsibility for releasing Angel, and Giles told Buffy it did have the power.[4]

Behind the scenes[]