Absolutely, I have to lie to make you feel better.
―Dr. Kriegel[src]

Dr. Aaron Kreigel was a doctor at Sunnydale Memorial.


He treated Joyce Summers while she was in hospital because of a brain tumor and reluctantly allowed her to briefly return to her home, giving Buffy the medication to look after her. Returning to the hospital, Joyce underwent surgery to have her tumor removed which ended successfully, making Buffy hug Kreigel so tight it hurt him after he delivered the good news. However, Joyce unfortunately died from hemorrhaging caused by a ruptured artery. Kreigel preformed the autopsy and explained to Buffy that Joyce's death would not have had much pain and even if someone was present with her, there still would not have been enough time for it to be dealt with. Buffy though, seemed to doubt this.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Randy Thompson.


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