Angel's son, Connor, returns from the demon dimension Quor-Toth as a teenage feral warrior, named Steven the Destroyer, (since time moves quicker in some demon dimensions). Connor seeks to kill Angel for his murderous past, since Connor was raised by Holtz in Quor-Toth. Failing to do so, Connor flees from the hotel with Angel one step behind him. More creatures slide through the dimensional gap to Quor-Toth at the hotel and are battled by Groosalugg and Cordelia, while Lorne tracks down a sorceress to try to close the dimensional rift. Also, Wesley, living as a recluse in his apartment, gets an offer from Lilah for a job at Wolfram & Hart.

Quotes and trivia

  • Lilah says that "Wolfram and Hart has the finest library of mystical, occult, and supernatural reference material in the world". This is seen in "Home".
  • Connor uses the name Steven, the name Holtz gave him in "Sleep Tight".Wikipedia A New World on Wikipedia
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