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"A Good Run" is a prose short story of the Tales of the Slayer book series. Written by Greg Rucka, it was originally published on October 2, 2001 by Simon Pulse.


It’s 490 B.C.E. in Greece, and Thessily Thessilonikki is the current Slayer. In order to protect the messenger Pheidippides, she must run 300 miles in 3 days while fending off countless vampires. In the end, this 29 year old Slayer just wants to be remembered for something great that she herself did.


  • The events of this story take place in the year of 490 B.C.E., with flashbacks from the years 507, 502, 500, and 494 B.C.E.
  • According to Thoas, there was no record of a Slayer living as long as Thessily, who died at 29 years old after 17 years as a Slayer. In the 21st century, Buffy Summers will live to see her 30 years (One Year Later) after 15 years as a Slayer.



Organizations and titles



  • Greece
    • Athens
    • Delphi (Only in flashbacks)
    • Marathon
    • Sparta
    • Thessilonikki (Only mentioned)
  • Persia (Only mentioned)

Weapons and objects

Death count

  • One vampire, staked by Thessily (only mentioned).
  • Six individuals, slayed by Thessily (only mentioned in flashbacks).
  • A jur'lurk, slayed by Thessily (only mentioned in flashbacks).
  • Eleven vampires, dusted by Thessily.
  • Two vampires, slayed by Thessily (in flashbacks).
  • Unknown number of vampires, burnt by Thessily.
  • Thessily, poisoned by an unidentified vampire.

Behind the scenes

Pop culture references


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