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"A Dark Place, Part Two" was the second issue of the Spike: A Dark Place comic book series.


The demons that had hijacked Spike's ship were threatening to throw him out the airlock, during his last cigarette, Spike got to talk to his captors, who revealed that they were heading to Sunnydale to retrieve shards of the broken Seed. They had been at Sunnydale, during the battle, but after the Seed had been broken, they had all hopped onto a giant demon hoping to get away. It flew into outer space, and they managed to steer it to the moon, which is why they ended up there. Spike bluffed and told them he could help them find the shards much faster, so they spared him.

At the Sunnydale crater, the demons led Spike into the underground caverns, while the bugs stayed behind. Sebastian, hoped to escape with a cunning plan. After having drawn the guard's attention, he spit fire at it and set it ablaze. The other bugs quickly jumped him.

Meanwhile, Spike indeed let the demons to the chamber where the Seed used to be, but there were no more shards. The demons thought Spike had tricked them, but he said someone must have beat them to it. This was confirmed by a mysterious woman (Morgan), who said she too had come there to find the shards, hoping they would allow her to travel to her home-world. The demons did not believe her and a fight broke out, in which Spike and Morgan, with the help of the escaped bugs, managed to kill the demons.

Spike and Morgan introduced themselves to each other and Morgan revealed that many demons had come in to try and scoop up shards, but that they were all gone. At that moment, they were interrupted by Pearl and Nash.


The story arc was set after "Apart (of Me)and "Family Reunion, Part Three" but before "Death and Consequences, Part Three".



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Sebastian: "Do you still not understand? After all this time? Our worth is not measured by what we need, but how much we are needed. And Master Spike needs us."
Spike: "Family. Home. Those words mean something different when you're walking around with a soul buzzing in your chest. Same world. Same people. But nothing 's the same. Home. When's the last time I've had one? Hideouts, sure. Lairs. Dark places. So here's our boy trying to figure it all out in the steaming hole that used to be Sunnydale. All this debris used to be a town. People, lives. Home? I thought a soul would free a fellow. It doesn't. It ties you to a place, to people, in a way chains never could. No amount of distance or time can break those chains."
Morgan: "Men. Always want to do it the hard way."
Morgan: "Whoever you are, thanks for saving me."
Spike: "Save you? Well, I don't know about that. The deadliest catch hits, you hit back. That's just the math."
Spike: "Well ... if it isn't the Flowers in the Attic."