"A Dark Place, Part Four" was the fourth issue of the Spike: A Dark Place comic book series.


While on their way to Morgan's destination, an unknown Hellmouth, the bugs were making contigency plans because they feared Spike was falling under the spell of the Succubus. At the same time Spike wandered into the solarium where Morgan also was. She questioned him about Buffy, having put the pieces together herself. Just as she was about to offer him comfort for the sorrow he was feeling the bugs announced over the intercom that they were descending. In the cockpit Sebastian and Frisky were further discussing the Morgan situation when Spike and Morgan entered, quickly changing the topic to the location they had reached; Easter Island. Morgan explained that the Easter Island Statues had been erected by natives to warn people away from the island that housed a Hellmouth.

Meanwhile Frisky told Sebastian that if would not act, Frisky would, upon which Sebastian had Frisky arrested. At the same time Morgan was indeed coming on to Spike, revealing that she wanted to leave because she had no purpose, but that she could stay for him instead. Spike rejected her though, but in doing so he realized why Buffy had turned him down. When Morgan continued to come onto him, Spike caved in and they kissed. But only briefly, because Spike pulled away and once again rejected her because it was not real. Morgan slapped him for this then she said she wanted to leave.

Spike then realised that she had had a shard of the Seed all along. Morgan turned into her true Succubus self and a fight broke out. The bugs intervened quickly by taking off so as to get far away from the Hellmouth and capturing Morgan in an electrified net. Also Sebastian released Frisky. Morgan broke out of the net however and jumped through the necrotempered window. Spike had his ship turned around to pursue her. Morgan landed near some statues and threw up to retrieve the shard of the Seed she had swallowed.


The story was set after "Apart (of Me)", but before "Death and Consequences, Part Three".

  • Spike rejected Morgan's pass at him because it was not real. However, he would sleep with Harmony and flirt with Faith in "Spike and Faith" without those reservations.



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Pop Culture References

  • Spike compared the necrotempered glass for vampires to the "boy in the bloody bubble", a allusion to the character in the 2001 film Bubble Boy.


Morgan - "I can offer a shoulder to cry on right here."
Spike - "Look, as shoulders go, yours look softer than average, so don't think I don't appreciate it. But my style is more stiff upper lip, stiffer drink, and soldier on."
Morgan - "You don't have to be alone, Spike."
Spike - "Who's alone? The bugs and I have a very fulfilling life. Every Wednesday night's Canasta."
Morgan - "The more devil-may-care you act on the surface, the more I can sense the pieces of you scraped raw underneath."
Morgan - "I suppose that's what Buffy must've thought. All the pressures of being a slayer on top of the everyday pressures of life. Family, friends, a job. And in the middle of all that, you just wanted to love her. Maybe that's a lot for a girl to take ... Buffy made a mistake turning you away. Don't make the same mistake with me."
Spike - "Every perfect second of every perfect day would just be a reminder that it wasn't ... real. With Buffy, it was up and down and frustrating and confusing. But real. I know it's sick in the head ... but part of me cherishes every moment I've spent miserable over her."
Sebastian - "I did not know she could do that. Did you know she could do that?"
Bug - "I did not."