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A Dark Place, Part Four is the fourth issue of the Spike: A Dark Place comic book series. Written by Victor Gischler and illustrated by Paul Lee, it was originally published on November 21, 2010, by Dark Horse Comics.


Spike departs from the ruins of Sunnydale — and all those memories — with a demon who wants desperately to return to her home dimension. But with the loss of magic, her connection is lost. Spike, ever the hero, offers to help this mysterious damsel in distress in her journey to find any remnants of magic that might reconnect her to her world.

  • Sparks (and punches) fly![1]


While on their way to Morgan's destination, an unknown Hellmouth, the bugs are making contingency plans because they fear Spike is falling under the succubus's spell. Spike wanders into the solarium and finds Morgan. She questions him about Buffy, having put the pieces together herself. She is about to offer him comfort for his sorrow when the bugs announce over the intercom that they are descending. In the cockpit, Sebastian and Frisky are further discussing the Morgan situation when Spike and Morgan enter, so they quickly change the topic to the location they had reached: Easter Island. Morgan explains that natives of the Easter Island erected the statues to warn people away from the island that housed a Hellmouth.

Meanwhile, Frisky tells Sebastian that he is willing to take action against Morgan with or without his help, upon which Sebastian has Frisky arrested. Morgan comes on to Spike, revealing that she wants to leave because she has no purpose, but she can stay for him. Spike rejects her, suddenly realizing Buffy turned him down for the same reason. They are not a “empty vessel that you can just pour expectations into.” One must not exist just to give another an achievement or purpose. When Morgan continues to come onto him, Spike caves in and they kiss. Spike pulls away and once again rejects her because it is not real. He then states he’s grateful for everything he’s experienced with Buffy - even when he was miserable. Morgan, claiming this was the first time a powerful man has rejected her, slaps him and says she wants to leave.

Spike realizes that she had a shard of the Seed of Wonder all along. Morgan turns into her true succubus self, and a fight breaks out. The bugs intervene by taking off to get away from the Hellmouth and capturing Morgan in an electrified net. Sebastian releases Frisky. Morgan breaks out of the net and jumps through the necrotempered window. Spike has his ship turn around to pursue her. Morgan lands near the statues and throws up to retrieve the shard of the Seed she swallowed.




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Death count[]

  • None.

Behind the scenes[]


  • A Dark Place, Part Four was the 152nd best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 14,422 sales in November 2012 at comic specialty stores.[2]


Pop culture references[]

  • Spike compares the necrotempered glass for vampires to the "boy in the bloody bubble," an allusion to the character in the 2001 film Bubble Boy.



Cover artwork[]


Morgan: "I can offer a shoulder to cry on right here."
Spike: "Look, as shoulders go, yours look softer than average, so don't think I don't appreciate it. But my style is more stiff upper lip, stiffer drink, and soldier on."
Morgan: "You don't have to be alone, Spike."
Spike: "Who's alone? The bugs and I have a very fulfilling life. Every Wednesday night's Canasta."
Morgan: "The more devil-may-care you act on the surface, the more I can sense the pieces of you scraped raw underneath."
Morgan: "I suppose that's what Buffy must've thought. All the pressures of being a slayer on top of the everyday pressures of life. Family, friends, a job. And in the middle of all that, you just wanted to love her. Maybe that's a lot for a girl to take... Buffy made a mistake turning you away. Don't make the same mistake with me."
Spike: "Every perfect second of every perfect day would just be a reminder that it wasn't ... real. With Buffy, it was up and down and frustrating and confusing. But real. I know it's sick in the head ... but part of me cherishes every moment I've spent miserable over her."
Sebastian: "I did not know she could do that. Did you know she could do that?"
Bug: "I did not."