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1630 Revello Drive was the address of the Summers residence in Revello Drive, Sunnydale.[1][2][3]


Buffy Summers and her mother, Joyce, moved from Los Angeles to 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale, following Buffy's expulsion from Hemery High School for having burned down the school's gymnasium in a fight against local vampires.[4]

Buffy's friends, Alexander Harris and Willow Rosenberg, were frequent visitors to the Summers' home,[5][6][7] as was Buffy's fellow Slayer Faith Lehane[8][9] and the vampire Angel.[1][10][11][12][9] Classmate Cordelia Chase also occasionally visited,[10] as did Buffy's Watcher, Rupert Giles.[5][13][14][7]

Dawn Summers joined Buffy and her mother as a resident in the house.[15] After Joyce's death, the house's occupants included Willow, Tara,[16] Amy,[17] Giles,[18] Spike, Andrew,[19] Faith,[3] Xander, Anya,[citation needed] and several Potential Slayers. The house was their headquarters in the war against the First Evil and its henchmen.[20]

During this time, several vampires received invitations, e.g. Darla, Angel,[1][21] Spike,[22][23] Dracula,[24] and Harmony Kendall.[15]

The house was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale by following the battle at the Hellmouth.[20]

Physical layout[]

The house was a two story, American Craftsman style home, with a full basement.


A wide concrete sidewalk led from the curb, through the middle of the front yard, past palms and other trees and through a gap in a low hedge that fronted the porch, to a short flight of steps that led up to the front door, on either side of which were picture windows flanked by tall, narrower windows. The porch, spanning the width of the house, was overhung by part of the residence's roof, which was supported by four pillars, the two beside the steps having brick pedestals.[citation needed]

Facing the house, was a driveway to the right which led alongside the house.[25][26] The backyard stretched back to a fence which opened onto an alley.[27]

Prominent events:

  • Attacked by Angel, Xander was saved by Drusilla, who was under the charm performed by Amy Madison; Drusilla tried to sire him until all the women of the city ended up coming after him.[28]
  • Buffy fought the demon Ovu Mobani.[25]
  • The vampire Cyrus kidnapped Dawn and hurt Anya.[15]
  • Spike consoled Buffy, who was crying due her mother's brain tumor.[29]
  • The Trio placed a garden gnome containing a mini-camera to spy on the Slayer.[30]
  • Warren Mears tried to kill Buffy by shooting her with a gun, accidentally killing Tara in the process.[27]
  • After she found that Amy was involved to the transformation of Willow into Warren, Kennedy was teleported here at the moment when Willow tried to shoot her. However, Kennedy prevented this by kissing Willow.[31]
  • Kennedy regularly trained the other Potential Slayers.[32]


Buffy summers house basement

Summers' basement.

The house contained a full basement, with laundry facilities and the hot water tank located along the back wall and a flight of stairs in the wall to the right leading to the outside. The stairs to the basement were entered from the kitchen.[citation needed]

Prominent events:

  • Xander and Cordelia used this room to avoid the demon assassin Norman Pfister and had their first kiss.[33]
  • All the women from the town, who were under the love charm placed by Amy on Xander, attacked Cordelia.[28]
  • Buffy found the cat Patches dead here.[25]
  • Amid the water damage, Buffy fought a M'Fashnik demon.[18]
  • A Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon was held captive here in order to cure Buffy, who had been stabbed by its stinger. Under the effects of the insanity from the poison, Buffy imprisoned Willow, Xander, and Dawn, determined to see their deaths caused by her freeing the demon. However, Tara prevented it.[34]
  • The basement served as Spike's room while he was adapting to having his soul returned to him before being kidnapped by the Harbingers of Death.[citation needed]
  • The basement served as the Potentials' training room. Eve was revealed to be the First Evil here.[35]
  • Spike was chained to prevent the possibility of him killing the Potential Slayers under the First Evil's control.[31]
  • Spike's chip violently malfunctioned, causing him to have severe head pains while he attacked nobody, prompting Buffy to contact Riley Finn to remove it.[31]
  • Giles and Willow magically put a Prokaryote stone on Spike, forcing him to remember his human past to find what was behind his submission by the First Evil.[36]
  • Faith and Spike smoked cigarettes and flirted here, Faith reminding him of the body exchange with Buffy.[3]
  • Anya and Andrew gave lessons on the Turok-Han to the Potentials. In vain, because the girls fearing Caleb and that Anya tell her sexual life with Xander.[citation needed]
  • After rejecting Buffy, the Scooby Gang and the Potentials organized a meeting, headed by Faith, to determinate the object that Caleb was protecting. They decided to kidnap one of the Harbingers of Death for information.[37]
  • Launching a Turkish spell with Willow, the Bringer spoke using Andrew as an intermediary.[37]
  • Buffy quarreled with Spike, who was jealous after having surprised her kissing Angel. However, they reconciled immediately and Buffy gave him the Amulet, choosing him to be her Champion. She stayed and slept with him.[20]
  • While Spike was asleep, the First visited Buffy disguised as Caleb, trying to discourage her.[20]

Ground floor[]

The lower, or main floor was occupied by a foyer that led into a hallway off of which, facing away from the street, the dining room opened on the right and the living room opened on the left. A sitting room was located at the end of the hallway. The kitchen lay beyond the dining room, offering access to both the sitting room to its right and to the rear porch. A short flight of steps led from the back porch into the back yard. A staircase led from the foyer to the upper floor of the residence.[citation needed]

Prominent events:

  • Buffy sang in the kitchen and acted under the effects of Catherine Madison's bloodstone vengeance spell.[38]
  • Under the pretension of being Buffy's friend, Darla was invited in by Joyce and attacked her in the kitchen.[1]
  • During Halloween '97, believing herself to be a noblewoman, Buffy was attacked by a vampire and found that her savior Angel was also a monster. This happened in the kitchen.[10]
  • Buffy met Ted Buchanan kissing Joyce in the kitchen.[39]
  • In the kitchen, Joyce harassed Cordelia and Xander while he was under a love spell.[28]
  • Buffy told her mother about her Slayer status.[22]
  • After Buffy's return, the Scooby Gang organized a party for her in the living room, where the many attendees were suffered a zombie attack.[25]
  • Joyce met Faith for the first time during a dinner.[8]
  • In the kitchen, Joyce shared tea with Spike, who lamented his breakup with Drusilla.[21]
  • Joyce spent Christmas '98 with Buffy and Faith.[9]
  • Mesmerized by Hans and Gretta Strauss, Joyce organized a Mothers Opposed to the Occult's meeting in the living room.[40]
  • Joyce was kidnapped by Zachary Kralik at the porch outside the kitchen.[41]
  • During Halloween '99, Joyce concocted a Red Riding Hood costume for her daughter.[42]
  • Faith used the Draconian Katra for a body switching with Buffy in the living room.[43]
  • The Scooby Gang were attacked by Sineya in their dreams while sleeping in the living room.[7]
  • Joyce invited Dracula in without knowing he was a vampire. Willow and Tara soon perform a disinviting spell.[24]
  • Accidentally invited in by Dawn, Harmony attacked Xander and Anya.[15]
  • Helped by Spike, Buffy killed a Queller demon in the kitchen.[44]
  • Glorificus made a surprise visit to Buffy in the living room in search of the Key.[45]
  • Buffy celebrated her twentieth birthday.[46]
  • Joyce died in the living room. Buffy found her dead lying on the sofa.[47]
  • Dawn canceled her attempt at resurrecting Joyce.[48]
  • Buffy met the Buffybot for the first time.[49]
  • During their invasion of Sunnydale, the Hellions gang destroyed the windows of the living room.[50]
  • The social worker Doris Kroeger visited Buffy to evaluate Dawn's situation.[51]
  • In the kitchen, Dawn was distraught by her sister's temporary invisibility.[51]
  • Willow ended her friendship with Amy at the front door as part of her magic addiction rehabilitation.[52]
  • During Buffy's birthday, Halfrek granted Dawn's wish and trapped all the guests in the house.[53]
  • Riley and his wife, Samantha Finn were temporary residents during their mission to find the eggs of a Suvolte demon.[54]
  • Willow, Xander, Buffy, and Dawn saw Anya and Spike having sex in the Magic Box via a laptop cam. Noticing Buffy's expression, Dawn and Willow discovering the secret relationship between Buffy and Spike.[30]
  • Dawn was left on the living room sofa while temporary paralyzed by the Gnarl.[55]
  • During of a surprise visit from R.J. Brooks, Anya and Willow fell victims of his jacket's love spell.[56]
  • Dawn was terrorized by the First Evil in Joyce's form, who destroyed the living room.[57]
  • Repaired by Xander, the living room window was again destroyed by the Harbingers, who tried to kill Andrew and kidnapped Spike.[19]
  • The Scooby Gang assisted in Giles' return, accompanied by the Potential Slayers Kennedy, Molly, and Annabelle.[58]
  • When recruited by the First Evil to eliminate the Slayer and the Potentials, it was shown that Turok-Hans did not need an invitation to enter a human home.[35]
  • Because of a locator spell conjured by Willow in the living room to find a Potential native to Sunnydale, Dawn incorrectly believed that she was this new recruit. However, it was revealed that her classmate Amanda, who was on the other side of the front door behind Dawn, was the true Potential Slayer.[59]
  • Finding after his return that Buffy had been rejected by his friends, Spike accused them of being traitors and fought Faith.[37]
  • Three nights before the battle against the First Evil, Xander and Anya had sex for the last time in the kitchen.[37]
  • In the night before the battle against the First, Giles, Andrew, Amanda, and Xander played Dungeons & Dragons; Anya was the only person able to sleep.[20]

Upper floor[]

Buffy room

Buffy's bedroom.

The upper floor contained three bedrooms and one bathroom. The master bedroom, facing the rear of the house, was initially occupied by Joyce. The front bedroom was initially occupied by Buffy. Between these, there was a third room, which was a storage/sewing room and Joyce's home office until it became Dawn's bedroom. The bathroom was across the hall from Buffy's bedroom with an access from the master bedroom. Two gables projected from the roof, one over each of the picture windows. One of these gables contained the front window of Buffy's bedroom, through which she sometimes came and went to patrol Sunnydale's streets and cemeteries before she told her mother that she was the Slayer.[citation needed]

Willow and Tara moved into the master bedroom, which was vacant following Joyce's death. When Buffy returned to life, she took up residence again in her old bedroom. When Willow was in England, Buffy moved into the master bedroom and when Willow returned she took Buffy's old room. Later, she shared the bedroom with her new lover, Kennedy.[citation needed]

Prominent events:

  • Buffy had prophetic dreams of upcoming foes.[4]
  • Buffy and Angel kissed for the first time in her bedroom, and his vampiric nature was revealed to her.[1]
  • Buffy was attacked by Sid, who believed her to be a demon.[60]
  • The Inca Princess was a temporary resident under the alias of Ampata Gutierrez.[61]
  • During Halloween '97, Buffy dressed Willow in a sexy costume to build up her self-confidence when it came to Xander. However, Willow decided to cover herself in a ghost costume.[10]
  • Angel revealed to Buffy what he had done to Drusilla.[11]
  • The robot Ted Buchanan attacked Buffy after reading her diary.[39]
  • A Bezoar baby was a temporary resident; it attacked Buffy and she killed the demon in her bedroom.[62]
  • Buffy had prophetic dreams of Angel becoming soulless.[63]
  • Xander and Cordelia sought refuge in Buffy's bedroom before Angel caught him through the window.[28]
  • Harassed by Angel, Buffy shared her bed with Willow that night.[64]
  • Joyce decorated her bedroom with a Nigerian mask. Later, the zombie Pat reached the bedroom and put on the mask.[25]
  • During Christmas '98, Angel sought and attacked Buffy due to the First Evil's influence.[9]
  • Buffy had prophetic dreams about Faith turning to the bad side.[65]
  • Buffy was temporarily mad under a demon's telepathic power until Angel made her drink its cure.[66]
  • Faith held Joyce hostage in her bedroom.[43]
  • Dracula visited Buffy in her bed to hypnotize and bite her.[24]
  • Buffy met her sister Dawn for the first time in her bedroom.[24]
  • Buffy performed the ritual Tirer la Couverture, leading her to discover that Dawn was actually the result of a spell.[67]
  • Infatuated for Buffy, Spike stole some of her clothes from her bedroom.[68]
  • Joyce was attacked by a Queller demon in her bed.[44]
  • Learning that she was the Key, Dawn burns her diaries and escapes through her bedroom's window.[46]
  • During Buffy's death, the Buffybot was nightly recharged in her bed.[16]
  • After her resurrection, Buffy was harassed by the Child of Words.[69]
  • Dawn was kidnapped from her bedroom by Sweet's minions.[70]
  • In her bedroom, Willow transformed Amy from rat back into human.[17]
  • To help Willow with her dependence on magic, Buffy removed all magical objects from her friend's bedroom.[51]
  • Anya found stolen objects from the Magic Box in Dawn's bedroom.[53]
  • The bridesmaids Willow and Buffy were repulsed by their bright green dresses, chosen by Anya for her wedding to Xander.[71]
  • Accidentally killed by Warren, Tara died in her bedroom after a night reconciling with Willow.[72]
  • Willow meditated in her bed to cure from the wounds caused by Gnarl. Buffy sat with her lent her Slayer strength to help Willow regenerate.[55]
  • Spike was held captive in Buffy's bedroom. Meanwhile, Andrew was interrogated by Xander and Anya in Willow's bedroom. Under the First's influence, Spike broke the wall and bit Andrew in attempt to silence him.[19]
  • During her first kiss with Kennedy, Willow was magically transformed into Warren by Amy.[31]
  • Feeling betrayed by Giles conspiring to try to dust Spike, Buffy broke her links with him while closing her bedroom door.[36]
  • The First Evil visited Faith in the form of Richard Wilkins, trying to persuade her that Buffy wanted to kill her. Robin comforted Faith and they spend the night together.[37]
  • Willow and Kennedy also consummated their relationship having sex in Willow's bedroom.[36]
  • In the morning before the battle against the First, Buffy discussed in Willow's bedroom her plan to the Scooby Gang: to transform multiple Potentials into an army of Slayers.[20]


The attic was the room where old objects and clothes were stored, such as those belonging to the deceased Joyce.[citation needed] In 2002, Dawn found her sister's 1996 cheerleading outfit.[56]



Frequent visitors[]

Other visitors[]


Buffy's neighbor, Mrs. Kalish, lived next door at 1628 Revello Drive until she was killed by Norman Pfister, a member of the Order of Taraka, so that he could use her place as a surveillance post from which to spy on Buffy. The same villain later trapped Xander and Cordelia in Buffy's basement after he appeared on the doorstep in the guise of a salesman giving away free cosmetics samples.[12]

Dawn's friend Melinda also lived on the same street.[75]


Behind the scenes[]

  • The address of the house is incorrectly shown in a letter as 1630 Crestview, Sunnydale, CA 95037 in episode "As You Were."
  • The actual house that was used for exterior shots was an occupied house on 1313 Cota Avenue, in Torrance, California. It was only three blocks north of Torrance High School, which doubled as the Sunnydale High School.
  • It was used for some first floor interior scenes during seasons 1 and 2. Interior scenes in episode 2.09 are from the home. The easiest way to determine whether the interior scenes are on the set or in the actual house is to look at the bend in the stairs: in the actual house, the bend is rounded, while the bend on the set is a 90-degree angle.
  • All second floor scenes were filmed on sets and the second floor plan does not match the floor plan of the actual house.
  • The view of the house in "The Prom" seems to also show a window on the side of the house in the dining room, although no actual window is present in the dining room in the show. In the actual house that was used for filming, this driveway does lead to a garage which opens onto the alley.
  • Fan made floor plan: 



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