Buffy Comic Uitgave
Goddesses and Monsters Cover
Uitgavedatum 23 december 2009
Uitgeven door Dark Horse Comics
Pagina's 22
Season 8 Library Edition, Volume 2
Geschreven door Joss Whedon
Getekend door Karl Moline
Geïnkt door Andy Owens
Ingekleurd door Michelle Madsen
Editor Scott Allie
Cover gemaakt door Jo Chen
Georges Jeanty
The Long Way Home, Deel Eén

Willow: Goddesses and Monsters is een One-shot, behorend tot de Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics.

A few months after having activating all potentials, Willow Rosenberg had decided to take a mystical journey which was traditional for witches. The first level of the trip appeared as a train station, where she was greeted by one of her guides, a girl in a wheelchair named Muffitt. The second level was a field full of flowers, which Muffitt explained meant that Willow was gay, as straight witches saw a pine forest instead; this also revealed that Willow's subconscious gave shape to the world around her. The next level had Muffitt and Willow sinking through the ground. Underground they met another guide; Aluwyn.

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