Spike Comic Uitgave
Spike, #2
What Happens in Vagas Cover
Uitgavedatum 10 november 2010
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #2
Pagina's 32
Alone Together Now
Spike: The Complete Series
Geschreven door Brian Lynch
Getekend door Franco Urru
Nicola Zanni
Geïnkt door Franco Urru
Nicola Zanni
Ingekleurd door Andrea Priorini
Alone Together Now
Everybody Loves Spike

What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas is de 2e uitgave in de serie Spike.

Spike takes in all Las Vegas has to offer—the gambling, the women, and a hit new show called Cirque de No Slay. Yes, somebody's made a show about Spike's life, but they're rewriting history. Who's responsible? The answer to that isn't half as shocking as how Spike handles it. Get ready for the ultimate battle of Spike vs. Evil!

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Alone Together Now
What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas
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