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Comic Uitgave
The Thrill Cover
Uitgavedatum 3 juni 2009
Uitgeven door Dark Horse Comics
Pagina's 40
Geschreven door Becky Cloonan
Getekend door Vasilis Lolos
Geïnkt door Vasilis Lolos
Ingekleurd door Dave Stewart
Editor Mariah Huehner
Cover gemaakt door Jo Chen
Gabriel Bó
Fábio Moon


The Thrill is een One-shot, behorend tot de Overig comics.

Following the vampires acceptance in mainstream society, the world has changed. On a Tuesday night in a small town called Nashua, New Hampshire. Jacob, the narrator, is spending another night endlessly playing video games at the local arcade, he tells us of how he had a bad day at school and how living in this town is nothing but the same old repetitive numbness that keeps consuming him day by day. He exits the arcade and is approached by a sultry blonde girl named May, a college student, who is drawn to Jacob and they spark up a conversation.