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Angel Comic Boek
Uitgavedatum 8 februari 2011
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Pagina's 200
Geschreven door John Byrne
Brian Lynch
Getekend door John Byrne
Editor Chris Ryall
Mariah Huehner
Cover gemaakt door John Byrne


The John Byrne Collection is een One-shot, behorend tot de Angel comics.


Cover Titel Nummer Uitgave datum
Angel vs. Frankenstein Cover"Angel vs. Frankenstein 21 oktober 2009
Schrijver:John Byrne
Tekenaar:John Byrne
Angelus finds himself in Geneva and pretends to be the heir to the Frankenstein family fortune. Frankenstein's monster tries to stop him. 
Angel vs. Frankenstein II Cover"Angel vs. Frankenstein II 6 oktober 2010
Schrijver:John Byrne
Tekenaar:John Byrne
More than a century before, Angelus faced a monster borne out of one man's nightmares. He thought it was destroyed, but now, on the streets of New York in the 1920s, Angel finds it alive and hungering for revenge. 
Over There Cover"Over There 111 maart 2009
Schrijver:John Byrne
Tekenaar:John Byrne
During World War I, Angel was driving an ambulance with wounded soldiers when he was attacked by a German airplane. The ambulance was destroyed and the soldiers died, but Angel of course survived. 
Front Lines Cover"Front Lines 21 april 2009
Schrijver:John Byrne
Tekenaar:John Byrne
Angel was held captive by Geoffrey Wyndham-Pryce and his men who just opened the curtains to let any vampire burn in the sun. Angel jumped through the window to escape and quickly ran to the nearby river and jumped in the frozen river. Geoffrey told his soldiers no to pursue Angel, as the river would bring him into German territory, instead Geoffrey visited Margaret to question her. 
Interlude Cover"Interlude 36 mei 2009
Schrijver:John Byrne
Tekenaar:John Byrne
In London, Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce was assigned by the Watchers Council to stop the Cult of Antemorh and its leader, Kakistos. Geoffrey had to get on board a ship to France as soon as possible. But while on his way to a ship. Their was an air raid by a zeppelin. While helping people get to safety, he heard the screams of a woman and he recognized from it she was being attacked by a vampire. He staked the vampire, but vampires wearing German uniforms had jumped down from the zeppelin and they attacked him. Luckily, his colleague Corporal Dowling could help Geoffrey and together they fought killed all vampires, except for one that fled. 
Monsters Cover"Monsters 410 juni 2009
Schrijver:John Byrne
Tekenaar:John Byrne
Angel had been captive at Kakistos' hideout for three days without food. There were two German soldiers as well; their Sergeant had already been killed. When Kakistos' men came for Angel he tried to escape, but had too little strength in him to defeat them. He was brought before Crixus who had his men forcefeed Angel the dead sergeants blood. This gave Angel enough strength to briefly overpower them and grab a weapon and kill them. Angel escaped without freeing the prisoners, knowing that he had not strength enough for it. 
After the Fall 7 Cover"After the Fall, Deel Zeven
"First Night, Deel Twee"
77 mei 2008
Schrijver:Brian Lynch
Joss Whedon
Tekenaar:Tim Kane
Stephen Mooney
Nick Runge
The second 'First Night' issue initially focuses on Wesley's after-death awareness, including a visit from an unnamed female temptress who is acting on the Senior Partners' behalf. She pretends to be Fred, but Wesley is not fooled. The scene then shifts to Connor's situation; Kate Lockley arrives, armed to the teeth, and "rescues" Connor, taking him to her well-armed lair. In the present day, Betta George is still held captive by Gunn's lackeys, and it is shown that Gunn's vampires have been training against captive Slayers. 
The Music of the Spheres Cover"Lorne: The Music of the Spheres 24 maart 2010
Schrijver:John Byrne
Tekenaar:John Byrne
While out slaying vampires, Illyria is confronted by a creature who identifies itself as Discord