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Buffy Het onderwerp van deze artikel is Non-Canon. Ondanks dat het is uitgeven onder de gelicentieerd materiaal, is het niet bevestigd als deel van de "echte" Buffyverse.
Spike Comic Uitgave
Spike vs. Dracula, #1
Spike vs. Dracula 1 Cover
Uitgavedatum 15 maart 2006
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #1
Pagina's 32
Spike vs. Dracula
Spike: Omnibus
Geschreven door Peter David
Getekend door Joe Corroney
Geïnkt door Joe Corroney
Jeff Dabu
Ingekleurd door Thompson Knox
Spike vs. Dracula
Spike vs. Dracula, Deel Twee


Spike vs. Dracula, Deel Eén is de 1e uitgave in de serie Spike vs. Dracula.

In October 1898, Dracula writes in his journal. He tells of Magda, a Romanian sorceress he had learned of; a powerful woman who was skilled in transfiguration and hypnosis, and could command the very elements. Dracula sought her out, and became her willing pupil. The girls clan was initially wary of him, but quickly realized that having Dracula as a protector had notable benefits. For years he protected the clan, and watched Magda grow old. She constantly refused his offer of the "gift" of immortality.

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Spike vs. Dracula, Deel Eén
Spike vs. Dracula
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Spike vs. Dracula, Deel Twee