Buffy Het onderwerp van deze artikel is Non-Canon. Ondanks dat het is uitgeven onder de gelicentieerd materiaal, is het niet bevestigd als deel van de "echte" Buffyverse.
Buffy Comic Boek
Classic, #5
Pale Reflections Cover
Uitgavedatum 8 november 2000
Uitgeven door Dark Horse Comics
Uitgave #5
Orginele uitgaves Classic #17 - #19
Omnibus: Volume 4
Omnibus: Volume 5
Geschreven door Andi Watson
Getekend door Cliff Richards
Geïnkt door Joe Pimentel
Ingekleurd door Guy Major
Crash Test Demons
The Blood of Carthage

Pale Reflections is de 5e comic verzamelboek in de serie Classic.

This is the conclusion of the 'Bad Blood' storyline! Selke gets closer and closer to destroying the Slayer. Buffy must literally face her dark side.

Uitgaves Edit

Cover Titel Nummer Uitgave datum
She's No Lady 1 Cover"She's No Lady, Deel Eén 1726 januari 2000
Schrijver:Andi Watson
Tekenaar:Cliff Richards
The gang from Sunnydale have faced some unspeakable horrors: ice demons, werewolves, and kung-fu vampires among them. But can the group face the terror of Buffy and Xander making out? What is going on here, and how is it tied to the super vampires, Selke, and the mysterious figures in Sunnydale's sewers? If the group is going to survive, they'll have to brave the chaos of Mardi Gras to find the answers. 
She's No Lady 2 Cover"She's No Lady, Deel Twee 1823 februari 2000
Schrijver:Andi Watson
Tekenaar:Cliff Richards
Mardi Gras is nearly upon the Sunnydale gang and, in addition to finishing their float, they have to figure out what's going on with Buffy. Since when has she been so into her looks, and what's up with the... tattoos and piercings? Meanwhile, Angel is getting closer and closer to discovering the source of the super-vamps... and it may just cost him his life! 
Old Friend Cover"Old Friend 1922 maart 2000
Schrijver:Andi Watson
Tekenaar:Cliff Richards
For months now, Buffy and the gang have been dealing with superpowered vampires and slayer doppelgängers. Selke's finally coming out of hiding, but Buffy's not quite up to speed to deal with her. 
Kort verhaal
Killing Time Cover"Killing Time 19 januari 2000
Schrijver:Douglas Petrie
Tekenaar:Cliff Richards
After three sorority girls summoned Ragginor, Buffy Summers outwitted him. 

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