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Buffy Het onderwerp van deze artikel is Non-Canon. Ondanks dat het is uitgeven onder de gelicentieerd materiaal, is het niet bevestigd als deel van de "echte" Buffyverse.
Buffy Comic Uitgave
Classic, #50
Note from the Underground 4 Cover
Uitgavedatum 30 oktober 2002
Uitgeven door Dark Horse Comics
Uitgave #50
Pagina's 22
Note from the Underground
Omnibus: Volume 7
Geschreven door Scott Lobdell
Fabian Nicieza
Getekend door Cliff Richards
Geïnkt door Will Conrad
Ingekleurd door Dave McCaig
Note from the Underground, Deel Drie
Broken Parts


Note from the Underground, Deel Vier is de 50e uitgave in de serie Classic.

Scott Lobdell wraps up his first apocalyptic run on Buffy with a special fiftieth issue, featuring more story pages, as well as two backup features: a prose story by Lobdell, with illustrations by Paul Lee; a short comic by Andi Watson; and a wraparound painted cover by regular cover artists Lee and Brian Horton. "Hellmouth to Mouth" concludes as Buffy finally rescues Xander and Dawn from the crew that's nearly destroyed Sunnydale -- The Scourge! They soon find that the only thing worse than the Scourge is their secret leader, revealed this issue! Buffy's not just fighting for her friends' and family's lives, she's fighting for a chance to live her own life, to be more than a fearless vampire hunter. Who better to have backing her up than former sadistic Slayer Faith and the vampire hunting vampire himself, Angel?!

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Note from the Underground, Deel Drie
Note from the Underground, Deel Vier
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