Buffy Comic Boek
Buffy Seizoen 10, #1
Uitgavedatum 12 november 2014
Uitgeven door Dark Horse Comics
Uitgave #1
Orginele uitgaves Seizoen 10: #1 - #5
Geschreven door Christos Gage
Nicholas Brendon
Getekend door Rebekah Isaacs
Editor Scott Allie
Cover gemaakt door Steve Morris
Buffy Seizoen 10
I Wish
The Core

New Rules is de 1e comic verzamelboek in de serie Buffy Seizoen 10.

While slaying the zompires that have overrun a small California town, Buffy and her pals are shocked to discover a new kind of vampire: harder to kill, able to transform and walk in the light of day--like Dracula . . . If that weren't enough, the rules of magic are literally being rewritten. While the crew attempts to find out exactly what this means and restore the status quo, Xander is the victim of a haunting as his relationship with Dawn crumbles.

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New Rules
Buffy Seizoen 10
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