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Buffy De canoniciteit van dit artikel blijft dubieus. Hoewel het geen tegenstellingen geeft met canon verhallen is het nooit gerefereerd in de canon verhalen of erkend als canon.
Angel Comic Uitgave
Blood & Trenches, #3
Interlude Cover
Uitgavedatum 6 mei 2009
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #3
Pagina's 21
Blood & Trenches
The John Byrne Collection
Geschreven door John Byrne
Getekend door John Byrne
Geïnkt door John Byrne
Ingekleurd door John Byrne
Editor Chris Ryall
Cover gemaakt door John Byrne
Tom Smith
Tekst bewerkt door Neil Uyetake
Blood & Trenches
Front Lines


Interlude is de 3e uitgave in de serie Blood & Trenches.

In London, Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce was assigned by the Watchers Council to stop the Cult of Antemorh and its leader, Kakistos. Geoffrey had to get on board a ship to France as soon as possible. But while on his way to a ship. Their was an air raid by a zeppelin. While helping people get to safety, he heard the screams of a woman and he recognized from it she was being attacked by a vampire. He staked the vampire, but vampires wearing German uniforms had jumped down from the zeppelin and they attacked him. Luckily, his colleague Corporal Dowling could help Geoffrey and together they fought killed all vampires, except for one that fled.

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