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Buffy De canoniciteit van dit artikel blijft dubieus. Hoewel het geen tegenstellingen geeft met canon verhallen is het nooit gerefereerd in de canon verhalen of erkend als canon.
Angel Comic Uitgave
Blood & Trenches, #2
Front Lines Cover
Uitgavedatum 1 april 2009
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #2
Pagina's 20
Blood & Trenches
The John Byrne Collection
Geschreven door John Byrne
Getekend door John Byrne
Geïnkt door John Byrne
Ingekleurd door John Byrne
Editor Chris Ryall
Cover gemaakt door John Byrne
Tom Smith
Tekst bewerkt door Neil Uyetake
Blood & Trenches
Over There


Front Lines is de 2e uitgave in de serie Blood & Trenches.

Angel was held captive by Geoffrey Wyndham-Pryce and his men who just opened the curtains to let any vampire burn in the sun. Angel jumped through the window to escape and quickly ran to the nearby river and jumped in the frozen river. Geoffrey told his soldiers no to pursue Angel, as the river would bring him into German territory, instead Geoffrey visited Margaret to question her.

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Front Lines
Blood & Trenches
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