Angel & Faith Comic Uitgave
Angel & Faith, #14
Family Reunion 4 Cover
Uitgavedatum 26 september 2012
Uitgeven door Dark Horse Comics
Uitgave #14
Pagina's 32
Family Reunion
Geschreven door Christos Gage
Getekend door Rebecca Isaacs
Geïnkt door Rebecca Isaacs
Ingekleurd door Dan Jackson
Editor Scott Allie
Sierra Hahn
Cover gemaakt door Steve Morris
Rebekah Isaacs
Dan Jackson
Tekst bewerkt door Richard Starkings
Jimmy Betancourt
Angel & Faith
Family Reunion, Deel Drie
The Hero of His Own Story
Wonderland, Deel Eén

Family Reunion, Deel Vier is de 14e uitgave in de serie Angel & Faith.

In Quor’ Toth, Angel, Faith, and Connor realize that their problems are only increasing the longer they are in this unpredictable hell dimension. As Willow fervently tapped into the dimension’s magic, she engaged a little too much darkness . . . Now, the crew has another danger to face: Dark Willow!

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Family Reunion, Deel Drie
Family Reunion, Deel Vier
Angel & Faith
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