Spike Comic Uitgave
Spike, #3
Everybody Loves Spike Cover
Uitgavedatum 22 december 2010
Uitgeven door IDW Publishing
Uitgave #3
Pagina's 32
Alone Together Now
Spike: The Complete Series
Geschreven door Brian Lynch
Getekend door Nicola Zanni
Geïnkt door Nicola Zanni
Ingekleurd door Andrea Priorini
What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas
You Haven't Changed A Bit

Everybody Loves Spike is de 3e uitgave in de serie Spike.

A flame from the past is haunting Spike's present, and wreaking havoc in Las Vegas, which is already pretty overrun with demons and vampires and your garden variety sins and sinners. But nothing is never that simple when Drusilla is involved, and a new player is about to make things very... difficult for Spike and company.

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What Happens in Vegas, Slays in Vegas
Everybody Loves Spike
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You Haven't Changed A Bit
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